John 11:45-12:19

  1. Observe the varied effects of the miracle.
    See especially 11:45, 46, 47-53, 54; 12:10, 11, 17-19; and cf. Luke 16:31.
    How is it that the same act quickens faith in some, and hatred in others?
    Cf. 11:47, 48; 12:11, 19; Matt. 27:18.
  2. 12:1-8. What insights does Mary’s action reveal?
    How far does your love for the Lord lead you to understand him, and to serve him without counting the cost?
  3. In 11:47-53 and 12:12-16 there are two examples of God overruling men’s words and actions to fulfill his own purposes.
    What is the real purpose of God to which each points?


  1. 11:48. The Jewish leaders feared that Jesus might lead a revolt for which the Romans would exact severe punishment.