John 11:28-44

  1. What is the special significance of this seventh ‘sign’?
    How is it related to the events that Jesus was shortly to experience as the climax of his work?
    In what way was the glory of God revealed?
  2. Why did Jesus pray aloud before calling Lazarus from the tomb?
    What does this teach about the means by which his miracles were accomplished?
    Cf. John 5:19, 20; 14:10.


Verses 33-38. The word ‘weep’ in verse 33 is the wailing of mourners; that in verse 35 implies silent tears of sympathy.
The rendering of verse 33, ‘he was deeply moved in spirit’, does not give the full force of the Greek. His anger was roused against the evil powers of death, which caused such distress to mankind, and which he was about to conquer, here by a mighty display of divine power, and fully on the cross by his own death and resurrection.