John 11:1-27

The seventh ‘sign’.

  1. Compare verse 4 with 9:3. Explain the apparent contradiction both in verse 4 and also in verses 5, 6. See verses 14, 15.
    Can you see why God sometimes seems to delay answering your prayer?
  2. What direction and assurance do verses 9, 10 give for the conduct of your life?
    Cf. 9:4, 5.
  3. In verses 21, 22, 24, Martha makes three correct but limited statements.
    In respect to each of them Jesus’ answer in verses 25, 26 reveals that he has within himself infinitely greater powers than she knew. What are they?


Verse 26. ‘He who believes in me will live’: for the believer death is no longer death. It introduces him into a new state of life. See Note on John 8:51.