John 8:30-59

  1. The form of expression in Greek in verse 31 shows that ‘the Jews’ here did not commit themselves to Jesus as much as the ‘many’ in verse 30.
    What steps leading to full freedom are seen in verses 31-36?
    What is this freedom?
    In what sense did the Jews claim to be free?
    Are you truly free?
  2. This section is concerned with the real meaning of parentage.
    For what reasons did Jesus argue that these Jews were not truly the children of Abraham or of God, but of the devil?
    What evidence did Jesus give that he is God’s Son?
    Why were they not able to see this?


  1. Verse 51. ‘He will never see death’: i.e., know the experience of that death which is God’s judgment on sin; cf. Gen. 2:17; John 5:24; 11:26.
  2. Verse 56. ‘My day’: Abraham in faith saw ahead to the day of Christ’s incarnation, and anticipated his saving work.
  3. Verse 58. ‘I am’: the divine name, as in Exod. 3:14.