John 7:25-52

  1. What illustrations are found in these verses:
    (a) of the deep impression made by the Lord Jesus upon many; and yet
    (b) how their incipient faith was checked by ignorance (verses 27-29), or prejudice (verses 35, 36), or pride (verses 48-52)?
    Is one of these hindering me?
  2. The chief priests and the Pharisees by no means saw eye to eye in most matters, but they were united against Jesus.
    What action did they take at this time, and what prevented its success?
    It is often said, ‘No thinking person now believes that…’ What example of this attitude can you find in this passage?
  3. In what way is the promise of verses 37, 38 an advance on that of 4:13, 14?
    What differences does the Holy Spirit make to your life?
    Cf. Acts 1:8.

V 39 – The Spirit was already present and active in the world, but the particular promise of Joel 2:28 was not fulfilled until the ascended and enthroned Christ gave the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.
See Acts 2:16-18, 33.