John 6:41-71

Today’s portion falls into four parts:
(a) verses 41-51, Jesus’ reply to murmurings of the Jews;
(b) verses 52-59, Jesus’ answers to the wranglings of the Jews.
(c) verses 60-65, Jesus’ reply to murmuring of his disciples;
(d) verses 66-71, Jesus asks the Twelve, ‘you do not want to leave too, do you?

  1. Comparing verses 36, 37 with 43-45, why do you think some people will not accept Jesus’ words? By what steps do others come to experience salvation?
  2. The closing verses 60-71 make clear that what Jesus offers to men is not fleshly or material gain (cf. verse 27), but spiritual life through union with himself.
    What three reasons does Peter give why he and his fellow disciples remained faithful when many others went back?
  3. How did Jesus give his flesh for the life of the world?
    What is meant by eating his flesh and drinking his blood?


  1. Verse 62. The return of the Son of man to heaven (cf. 3:13) will be a greater wonder than the words just spoken.
    It will confirm the divine character of Jesus and of his words.
  2. The approaching Passover Feast was clearly in our Lord’s thought as he spoke, and there may be anticipating allusion to the Lord’s Supper; but Jesus is speaking in this discourse, not of the sacrament itself, but of the truths of which the sacrament is only one expression. Note the manner of true participation (verses 35, 63, 68, 69).