John 6:22-40

The miracle of verses 4-13 is the basis of the dialogue between Jesus and the Jews in verses 25-59.

  1. The people saw the outward form of the miracle, but failed to discern what it signified spiritually (verse 26).
    From what motives did they seek Jesus?
    Are you more concerned about spiritual development than material prosperity (verse 27)?
  2. How did the people relate the word ‘work’ in verse 27:
    (a) to the work they were expected to do (verse 28),
    (b) to the work of Moses compared with that of Jesus (verses 30, 31)?
    What work did Jesus:
    (a) require from them (verse 29) and
    (b) offer from himself (verse 32-40)?
    What, therefore, is the answer to the question in verse 28?
  3. How do verses 35-40 present God’s answer to man’s hunger?

Note. Verses 22-25 explain the astonishment of the crowd at finding Jesus next day on the Capernaum side of the lake. They had noticed that he had not gone with the disciples.