John 6:1-21

  1. Taking this fourth ‘sign’ in the context of verses 1-13, note what it reveals concerning:
    (a) why the people were attracted to Jesus;
    (b) his own attitude to the people;
    (c) his testing of his disciples’ faith;
    (d) his use of their co-operation;
    (e) the source of the answer to men’s need.
    What overall lesson was this miracle intended to convey?
  2. Verse 15. Why did not Jesus wish to be made king by these people?
    What can we learn from his withdrawing from the place of success to be by himself?
    Cf. Luke 5:15, 16.


  1. Verse 7. A denarius may be valued as a day’s wage for a laborer; cf. Matt. 20:2.
  2. Verse 14. ‘The Prophet who is to come’: cf. Deut. 18:15; Matt. 11:3; he is identified here by the people with the Messiah, as verse 15 shows.