John 4:27-54

  1. How do the previous verses explain and verses 35-38 develop the truth that Jesus expressed in verse 34?
    What gives you most satisfaction in life?
  2. Two groups of Samaritans and the Capernaum official all believed in Jesus, but through different means.
    What was the particular truth about him that brought each of them to faith?
    To what did ‘the second sign’ (verse 54) point?
    What aspect of the Lord’s character or power led you to him?
  3. Verse 43 seems to be a test of the man’s sincerity.
    How would you explain Jesus’ words here?


  1. Verse 35-38. In the natural world there were yet four months until harvest, but in the spiritual sphere in this instance reaping was possible at once. Someone else had done the sowing.