John 4:1-26

  1. What did our Lord mean by ‘living water’ (verse 10)?
    Why, when he had wakened in the woman a desire for it, did he not at once grant her request? What was necessary before he could do so?
  2. Trace the successive steps by which Jesus brought the woman to feel her need of salvation, and pointed her to himself. What can we learn from this to help us as we seek to lead others to him?
  3. In verse 19, 20 was the woman evading the demand for a personal response?
    How does Jesus’ answer meet the need of those today who evade the claims of God by professing to follow a correct form of worship?
    Where must all look for salvation?


Verse 20 ‘This mountain’: i.e., Mount Gerizim, where the Samaritans had built a temple. The temple had been destroyed, but the Samaritans regarded the place as holy.