John 2:1-22

  1. Verses 1-11 present the first of the seven ‘signs’, which reveal the identity of Jesus and stimulate faith (verse 11).
    What particular aspect of Jesus’ glory does this miracle display?
    What change in our life does turning the water into wine represent?
    Cf. 2Cor. 5:17.
    What can we learn from Mary’s response to Jesus?
  2. The idea of the ‘temple’ unites verses 13-17 with 18-22.
    How does Jesus appear in each incident?
    By what authority does he drive out the traders?
    Cf. Mal. 3:1-3.
    What crisis does this incident foreshadow in the mind of Jesus?
    What did he foresee concerning the cost and character of his mission?


  1. Verse 4. The English, in some translations, makes Jesus’ words seem disrespectful, but in the Greek the form of address is perfectly courteous.
    Jesus makes it clear that he depends on no human instructions, even from his mother, but only on that which God appoints.
    He is awaiting his Father’s instructions.
  2. Verses 14-16. There were two cleansings of the temple, one at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, as here, and one at the end, as recorded in the synoptics.