John 1:35-51

  1. Describe what it was that brought each of these five men to Jesus.
    How far did they understand who Jesus was?
    What account of him can you give to others?
  2. Verses 48, 49. Why did Jesus’ answer elicit the response of Nathanael?
    See 2:25.
    What do verses 47-50 reveal of Nathanael’s character?


  1. Verse 42. Cephas = Peter = Rock.
  2. Verses 47, 51. An allusion to the story of Jacob in Gen. 32:24-29 and 28:12, 13.
  3. Verse 51. This word, as shown by the plural ‘you’, was spoken not about Nathanael only, but about all the disciples.
    Jesus would be revealed to them as the true and final Mediator between God and man.