Proverbs 31

  1. What three virtues did King Lemuel’s mother urge upon him (verses 1-9)? Are they any less necessary for all who will occupy positions of responsibility?
  2. Make a list of the qualities of the ideal housewife as depicted in verses 10-31.


  1. Read verses 6, 7 in the light of verses 4, 5, i.e., as ‘a cutting reminder that an administrator has better things to than anaesthetize himself’
  2. Verse 10. ‘Noble’: the Hebrew word includes both moral worth and practical efficiency. Cf. 12:4. Ruth was such a one. See Ruth 3:11.
  3. Verse 18b. This does not mean that she worked all night, but that her house was well ordered and ready against emergencies. Cf. 13:9.