Mark  15:1-21

The main concern of the Jewish leaders now was to get their verdict carried into effect. For this they required the Roman governor’s decision, for the Romans reserved to themselves the right of capital punishment.

  1. What mistakes did Pilate make, and what were the reasons underlying them?
    Are there any of these that we are in danger of repeating?
    If so, what positive action can we take to avoid them?
  2. Notice the amazing silence of Jesus (verse 4, 5; cf. 14:60, 61a).
    Try, also, to picture the mocking of the soldiers, remembering that Jesus had just been scourged, a punishment of brutal severity.
    Why did Jesus submit without protest to such treatment, and why did God allow it to happen to him?
    Cf. Phil. 2:8; 1 Pet. 2:22-24.