Mark 13:1-23

  1. Verses 1-13. Notice how Christ translates the abstract enquiry of his disciples into the personal and moral realm.
    What spiritual dangers does he warn them about?
    How can we prepare ourselves to meet similar dangers?
  2. Verses 14-23. What is foretold here?
    How are Christ’s followers to act when it happens?
    To whom are they to look for deliverance?
    Of what are they to beware?
    What can we learn from such a passage concerning God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility?


  1. Verse 14. ‘The desolating sacrilege’: this is the sign of the impending destruction of the temple for which the disciples had asked (verses 1-4).
    It refers to the desecration of the holy place by Roman invaders. Cf. Dan. 11:31.
  2. Verse 15. ‘On the roof of the house’:
    the flat roofs of houses in Palestine were used for places of rest and social intercourse.
    Cf. Acts 10.9.