Mark 11:20-33

Note on Today’s Reading:

Mark 11:20-25 is part of the literary unit of 11:1-25 (v.26 is probably not original) and Mark 11:27-33 is part of the literary unit of Mark 11:2-12:12.

  1. Verses 20-25. What does Jesus say here are the essential conditions of effective prayer?
    What more does prayer involve apart from just asking for pleasant things we desire?
    Cf. Mark 14:35, 36.
  2. Why did Jesus refuse to answer the question put to him by the Jewish leaders?
    What was the point of his question to them?
    Was he trying to be evasive?
    What was the root of the trouble, and how is this a warning to us?
    Cf. Heb. 3:12.

Note. Verse 25. ‘Unless we forgive our fellows freely, it shows that we have no consciousness of the grace that we ourselves have received, and so it shows that we are expecting to be heard on our own merits’.