Mark 10:32-52

  1. Verses 32-34, 45. What new aspects of his suffering does Jesus introduce here?
    Cf. 9:31. Why does he continue to stress this subject?
    Why were his disciples amazed and afraid, and what ought we to be?
  2. What motives do you think were behind the request of James and John, and what was the meaning of Christ’s reply to them?
    Do our own aims in life also reveal the same spiritual shallowness?
    What is the governing principle of true Christian greatness?
  3. What were the progressive steps which led Bartimaeus to the recovery of his sight?
    What can we learn from this incident that will both guide and encourage us when trying to help those who are spiritually blind to find their way to Christ?

Note. Verse 38. The terms ‘baptism’ and ‘cup’ are sometimes used symbolically in Scripture to denote suffering that has to be endured.
In this passage they are forceful reminders of the cost of following Christ.
Cf. Luke 12:50; Mark 14:36.