Mark 9:1-29

  1. Verses 1-8. What would be the significance for the three disciples of the appearance of Moses and Elijah and also of the voice out of the cloud?
    Cf. John 1:45; Luke 24:27. How would this new experience be likely to help and encourage them?
  2. Verse 11-13. What question did the scene on the mountain raise in the minds of the disciples, and how did Jesus reply?
    Consider how closely John the Baptist resembled Elijah.
  3. Why was Jesus so disappointed at what he found on his return to the rest of the disciples?
    What does this incident teach us about the chief causes of failure in our Christian witness and service (see verses 23 and 29)?

Note. Verse 24. ‘If believe; help me overcome my unbelief!, This implies ‘Help me just as I am, a doubter who wants to believe’.