Mark 8:27-38

  1. Verses 27-29. What did the disciples need to understand first of all, before Jesus could begin to explain to them about his death?
    Why was this so important, and why were most people so slow to understand it?
    Cf. Luke 10:21, 22.
  2. Why was Peter unable to accept Christ’s teachings about his death?
    What is the meaning of Christ’s rebuke?
    In this matter of a right attitude to Christ’s death, on whose side are you?
  3. Verse 34-38. What two alternative courses are presented to us in these verses?
    Why is it so important to make the right choice?
    What does this involve, and what does Jesus say will be the final result of a wrong choice?


  1. Verse 33. ‘Get behind me, Satan!’ Jesus was faced with a similar temptation in the wilderness to avoid the cross. Cf. Matt. 4:8-10.
  2. Verse 34. For the meaning of the word ‘deny’, see Luke 12:9; 22:34. Here it means to disown self, to refuse to recognize the claims of self as against those of Christ.