Mark 16: 9-20

  1. What three appearances of the risen Christ are recorded in these verses?
    What were the reasons for the rebuke of verse 14?
    Is our spiritual perception and growth hindered by the same two besetting sins?
    Cf. Heb. 3:12, 13.
  2. If we truly believe what is recorded in verse 19, what challenge and encouragement are there for us in verses 15 and 20?
    And what does verse 16 reveal concerning the issue with which the gospel confronts us, when it is preached? Cf. Rom. 10:11-15.

Note. Verses 9-20. ‘This section is the so-called “Longer Ending” of Mark, omitted in some MSS…Therefore it seems reasonable to see this as an early attempt, known at least as early as Irenaeus, to “round off” a Gospel whose original ending had become in some way maimed or lost’