Mark 4:35-5:20

  1. 4:35-41. What were the disciples surprised at in Jesus, and what was he surprised at in them?
    What was he both testing and teaching by leading them into such an experience?
    Why did this miracle mean more to them than anything that they had yet  seen Jesus do?
  2. 5:1-20. Contrast men’s way of treating the demoniac with what Jesus did for him. In which way is the power of evil active in my life being dealt with?
  3. Why did the people ‘plead with Jesus to leave their region’ (5:17) and why did Jesus leave the healed demoniac behind?
    What may be the best form of witness in a home or neighbourhood that seems not to want Christ?


  1. 4:40. It is significant that Jesus did not rebuke men used to sailing on to Sea of Galilee for their failure to bring him safely through the storm.
  2. 5:1-20. This happened in Decapolis, on the south-east side of the lake, in Gentile territory.
    The use of the title ‘Most High God’ (verse 7) and the local keeping of swine (verse 11) confirm this.