Mark 1:16-34

  1. In what different ways does Jesus exercise his authority here?
    What kind of questions did such actions make people ask?
    On what did they repeatedly focus attention?
  2. How were these Galilean fishermen to become personal soul-winners?
    What were the conditions and the cost of the realization of such a surprising suggestion?
    Is there any reason why a similar change could not happen in my life?


  1. Verse 22. The scribes quoted the great authorities. Jesus spoke as if he himself were the supreme authority. Cf. ‘But I tell you’ (Matt. 5:21, 22, 32-34)
  2. Verse 25-27. Jesus did not invoke God’s name like Jewish exorcists. He spoke as if the decisive authority was his own; and it ‘worked’. The unclean spirits obeyed him.