Mark 1:1-15  

  1. Why ‘the gospel’ (verse 1)?
    How is this record different from a biography?
    What blessing of the gospel of Christ were anticipated in the Baptist’s preaching?
    Cf. Acts 2:38.
    When Jesus himself preached ‘the gospel of God’, what aspects of its accomplishment and enjoyment did he stress?
  2. Observe how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all active in the events recorded – and Satan also. What does this imply concerning the issues involved in the coming story and in our own earthly lives?

  1. Mark’s significant use of description ‘gospel’. It is of such ‘good tiding’ that Isaiah had explicitly written. Cf. Is. 40:9-11; 52:7-10; 61:1-4.
  2. Click here to get an idea of distance one would walk from Nazareth to Jerusalem