Job 18 &19

  1. In 18 trace the sequence of events that happen to the wicked and the ungodly.
  2. In 19 Job says he feels imprisoned and alone.
    List the metaphors under which he pictures his solitary confinement.
    How does he picture his release?
    To what grand assurance does his faith triumphantly rise?


  1. 18:2. ‘How long before you make a capture of mere words?’, i.e., before you stop mouthing empty ideas. ‘Consider’: i.e., before you stop mouthing empty idea. ‘Consider’: i.e., say something worth saying, and our answer will be weighty.
  2. 18:4. The world’s natural laws will not be altered to suit Job.
  3. 19:25-27. Even if Job had no hope of vindication in this life he believed that God must vindicate him and that, after death, he would see God and find God on his side. Cf. Rom. 8:33-39.
  4. 19:29. ‘Trouble will come to them if they go on rejecting his cries for pity’ is what Job means here.