Job 15 & 17

  1. Read chapter 15 and compare its tone and approach with Eliphaz’ first speech in chapters 4 and 5. Note the emphasis on human depravity.
    How should Eliphaz have dealt with a younger man who would not agree with him?
    Why was he so sure he was right?
    To whose shortcoming was he blind?
  2. 16 and 17. Even in the depths Job finds some particles of hope.
    What form do these take?


  1. 15:4. Eliphaz accuses Job of being an enemy of true religion and godliness because he denies the traditional orthodoxy.
  2. 15:11b. A reference to the earlier speeches of Job’s friends.
  3. 5:18, 19. Eliphaz claims that his doctrine is ancient and pure, untainted by foreign heresies.
  4. 16:2. Ronald Knox renders this: ‘Old tales and cold comfort; you are all alike’.
  5. 16:19, 21. A further reference to the mediator.
  6. 17:16b. Taken as a statement, not a question, this indicates a sudden further advance in Job’s hopes.