Job 11 and 12

  1. Observe
    (a) the rebuke in 11:6;
    (b) the steps to repentance in 11:13, 14;
    (c) the picture of blessing in 11:15-19.
    Why do you think Zophar failed to help Job?
  2. Eliphaz spoke of visions, and research, Bildad of the wisdom of the ancients.
    To what authority does Zophar appeal to support his conviction that sin and suffering are inevitably lined?
  3. Zophar and Job each speak of divine wisdom. Compare the various examples of it which they cite.

Notes. 12:5-12. Perhaps Job is ironically quoting Zophar’s views back at him.
Job’s point is that these platitudes are irrelevant to his situation. He does not deny them.