Job 8:1-9:24

  1. To what authority does Bildad appeal for what he says?
    How trustworthy do you think that authority is?
    What are Bildad’s views:
    (a) about God, and
    (b) about wicked men?
  2. What difficulties does Job find in his way as he tries to make God explain himself?


  1. 8:4. A cruel remark. Job’s children died because they sinned, according to Bildad.
  2. 8:11. Reeds without water. So wicked men fade away.
  3. 9:2. The meaning is, ‘How can a man establish his righteous before God?’
  4. 9:13b. Rahab is probably another name for the dragon. See RSV mg. none to 9:8b.