Psalm 18:1-30

  1. David begins by expressing his love for the Lord (verses 1-3). God was to him a rock, fortress, shield and stronghold.
    What are the equivalent defences and securities in which men trust today?
    Is God to you all that these can give, and more?
    Cf. Hab. 3:17, 18; Heb. 13;5, 6.
  2. From David’s testimony concerning God’s answer to his prayer, what can we learn as to:
    (a) God’s power to help,
    (b) the sort of person God will help, and
    (c) the reasons why this will be forthcoming?


  1. Verses 9-16 are probably not intended to be taken literally, but as a poetic description in vivid imagery of the strength and majesty with which God came to David’s aid.
  2. Verse 29a. A possible allusion here to 1 Sam. 30:8; and in verse 29b to 2 Sam. 5:6, 7.