Nehemiah 7

  1. What further steps did Nehemiah take in ensuring an orderly life in Jerusalem? Why was Hananiah put in charge of Jerusalem? Remembering that you may be called to responsibility in your work for God, what are you doing to develop these same qualities?
  2. What makes a register of names so important? See verses 64, 65; and cf. Rev.20:15; 21:27; Luke 10:20.


  1. Verse 2. The ‘he’ refers to Hananiah. Possibly the appointment of two men in charge of the city means, as in 3:9, 12, that each was ruler of half the district of Jerusalem.
  2. Verses 64, 65; cf. Ezra 2:62, 63. The need was for a priest able to obtain guidance to decide whether these men were entitled to enjoy privileges as priests or not. For an example of the way in which Urim and Thummim were used, see 1 Sam. 14:41.