Ezra 8

  1. How many males, all told, were with Ezra?
    These, with women and children (verse 21), would make a large company.
    They had also their goods and provision for the way, many precious vessels and much silver and gold.
    The journey was long (7:9) and dangerous (8:31).
    Would it have been wrong for Ezra to ask the King for an escort?
    Cf. Neh. 2:9. Why did he not do so?
    Are we as careful as he to live out what we profess?
  2. From Ezra’s actions before setting out, what can we learn regarding undertaking work for God?
    See especially verses 15-20, 21-23, 24-30, 33-35, 36; and contrast Josh. 9:14; Is.31:1 Jer. 48:10a; Matt. 25:3.