2 Chronicles 34 & 35

  1. At what age did Josiah begin to seek the Lord?
    What effects did this have on his subsequent life both publicly and privately?
  2. What was the effect of the finding of the Book of the Law:
    (a) on Josiah, and
    (b) through him on the nation?
    Cf. Ps. 119:59, 60. Is the Word of God having the same effect on you, and through your life?
  3. What does 34:23-28 teach concerning:
    (a) the investable consequences of sin (cf. Deut. 11:26-28), and
    (b) God’s attitude to the sincere penitent?


  1. 34:14. ‘The Book of the Law’ was quite likely Deuteronomy (cf. Deut. 31:26).
  2. 35:3. It is usually assumed that the ark had been taken out of the Holy of Holies during the repairs, and that the Levites were now bidden to restore it, with the assurance that they would not again be asked to undertake this work. Cf. 1 Chr. 23:26.
  3. 34:28 and 35:24. Josiah was spared from witnessing God’s anger poured out upon Judah (34:25) by his death, and thus may be said to have died ‘in peace’.