2 Chronicles 26-28

  1. How was it reveled that in Uzziah’ heart, notwithstanding his piety (26:5), there lurked the same evil tendency that had marred the life and reign of his father Amaziah before him?
    With 26:16, cf. 25:19; Deut. 17:18-20. What forms might his sin take today?
  2. How did the sin of Ahaz affect:
    (a) God,
    (b) God’s people, and
    (c) himself?
  3. In the midst of a godless age, how did Oded, the prophet, and the men mentioned in 28:12 stands out?
    What may we learn from their example? Cf. 1 Tim. 5:20.


  1. 26:5. ‘Zechariah’: not otherwise known, and the prophet of the biblical book who lived at a later period.
  2. 26:18. See Num. 16:40; 18:7.