1Chronicles 28

When David had done all he could in his private and personal capacity in preparation for the building of the temple, he summoned an assembly of the leaders in all departments of the nation’s life to commend the scheme to them, and, as the next chapter shows, was greatly gratified by their response.

  1. ‘I had it in my heart to… But God said to me, “You are not”’ (verses 2 and 3).
    Have you had a similar experience in your service of God?
    How does David bring out that God’s plan was far better?
  2. There are two charges to Solomon in this passage. See verses 9, 10 and 20, 21. Considering them together:
    (a) what was to be Solomon’s first duty,
    (b) what was the character of the God with whom he had to do,
    (c) what were the two grounds of his confidence, and
    (d) what was consequently to be the manner and spirit of his service?
    What lessons do you find in this for your life

Note. Verse 19. Note the distinct claim here made that the pattern of the temple and of its service was given to David by revelation.