1Chronicles 22:2-19

The thought of building a house for the Lord had been in David’s mind, but now the way for action was open. This passage tells of the abundance of what David prepared, his charge to Solomon, and his charge to the leaders of the tribes.

  1. What may we learn from David’s high conception of the kind of building that alone would be worthy (verse 5) and from the abundance of the preparations?
    Contrast the spirit of the people in Malachi’s day (Mal. 1:6-8).
    What can we also learn from David’s willing acceptance of God’s decision that not he, but Solomon, should build the temple?
  2. Study David’s charge to Solomon and the people. What did he lay down as the all-important secrets of success?
    What were the people to do before undertaking the task of building (verse 19)?
    Cf. Cor. 8:5.