1Chronicles 17

  1. From this chapter and other passages where Nathan is mentioned (2 sam.12:1-15, 25; 1 kgs. 1 passim; 4:5), work out what an important place he had in the lives of David and of Solomon.
    The revelation here made to him and through him to David is one of the chief Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament, and had a profound influence on the development of the Messianic hope. Cf., e.g., Ps. 89:26, 27; Luke 1:33; Heb. 1:5.
  2. In what sense did God deny David’s desire, in what way modify it, and in what way answer it above all that David asked or thought?
    Note especially verses 4, 10b,12a.
    Have you had any comparable experience of the Lord’s dealing in your own life?