Acts 19:21-41

Luke’s vivid description of the riot at Ephesus is a close study in crowd psychology as well as a faith account of the persecution which Paul and his companions faced.

  1. Verses 21, 22. What were Paul’s plans for the future?
    To where was his eye turned? But what two things must first be done?
    Cf. Rom. 15:19, 23, 24. Is your Christian work planned or haphazard?
  2. What was the cause of the riot and persecution?
    How did it spread and how was it quieted?
    Note especially:
    (a) the challenge of the Christian faith to a man’s business and wealth (verses 25, 27);
    (b) the blindness of religious people (cf. verses 26, 27, 35, 36);
    (c) the cost, fellowship and protection Paul found in missionary service (verses 28-31, 37-41).
    To which of these truths do I personally most need to pay attention?