Acts 19:1-20

Ephesus was the metropolis of the large and wealthy Province of Asia, a center of commerce and religion, famous for its image and its temple dedicated to the goddess Diana.

  1. Apollos had taught only the baptism of John (18:24, 25) at Ephesus.
    When Paul arrived, what did he find these disciples lacked in knowledge and assured experience?
    Is this experience yours?
    Have you realized how essential it is for you to understand fully in order to tech others accurately?
  2. Verse 20 summarizes both Paul’s ministry at Ephesus and Luke’s whole section from 16:6 to 19:20, which covers the evangelization of Macedonia, Achaia and Asia.
    What methods and special incident led to such a result in Ephesus (verses 8-19) and by what power were great result achieved in the three provinces?
    Cf. 16:14; 18:9 and 19:11. Does this review highlight any weaknesses in your Christian life?