Acts 18:18-28

  1. Paul ends his second missionary journey (verses 18-23) with travels of more than a thousand miles. Luke reviews many months very briefly.
    Note, with the help of a map, the places Paul visited and the purposes he hoped to achieve.
  2. We have a thumb-nail sketch of Apollos in verses 24-28. What is said about:
    (a) his knowledge of the Scriptures,
    (b) his enthusiasm, (c) the help Aquila and Priscilla gave,
    (d) his preaching, and € the value of his ministry (cf. 1 Cor. 3:6)?
    Take each of these five points and ask yourself what you can learn from the life of Apollos.


  1. Verse 18. ‘He had a vow’: it is not known why Paul made a vow. The practice was, however, common among the Jews.
  2. Verse 22. ‘He went up’: i.e., to Jerusalem.