Acts 18:1-17

The city of Corinth was the capital of the Province of Achaia, and one of the greatest cities in the Empire. It was famous for commerce and learning, but infamous for its wickedness.

  1. Consider the enormous task Paul faced in an evil and pagan city as he sought to found a church there. Note:
    (a) the value of Christian fellowship (verses 2, 3; 5; 8) and
    (b) the command and promises of God’s word to Paul (verses 9-11). Cf. 1 Cor.2:3.
    Is this God’s answer to a depressed Christian worker?
    Do these things encourage you in difficult situations?
  2. Compare the three distinct stages in Paul’s ministry mentioned in verses 4, 7 and 12.
    What hindrances did Paul face and what encouragements came to him?
    Notice that with the hindrances came new opportunities and new encouragements.
    Let us pray for grace to be equally faithful.