Acts 17:16-34

Paul at Athens faces philosophers, who are eager to hear another man’s views in order that they may add these to their rag-bag of ideas, and who also have no background understanding of the Old Testament. See, if possible, Acts (TNTC), pp. 281-291 for a most helpful explanation of Paul’s visit.

  1. Verses 16, 21. From wha6t motives, and by what methods, did Paul proclaim the gospel?
    Do you know anything of a divine jealousy provoked by the fact that people do not give Christ the allegiance that is his right?
  2. Verses 22-34. Study Paul’s sermon and note:
    (a) how he gained the interest of his hearers (verses 22,23),
    (b) what he taught about God in relation to the universe, mankind, idols and images (verses 24-29), and
    (c) the response he argued which men needed to make to God (verses 30-34).
    Paul sought to make the Christian message relevant to the thought and background of his hearers. He had no slick phraseology. What do you learn from this about preaching today?