Acts 17:1-15

Thessalonica was the metropolis and most populous city of Macedonia, a centre for both inland and maritime trade. Berea was a smaller town some sixty miles to the south-west.

  1. What do we learn from Paul’s visits and preaching at Thessalonica and Berea about:
    (a) the places where he preached,
    (b) the features of his preaching,
    (c) his chief message,
    (d) those who believed, and € the persecution that arose?
    The same events are written about by Paul in 1 Thess. 1:1-2:16.
    Do you realize that opportunities for strategic Christian witness may last only a short time?
    What ought you to do?
  2. Verses 11, 12. How are those who attended the Jewish synagogue in Berea described, and why are they commended?
    Are these features found in your life and Bible study?