Acts 16:16-40

  1. Verses 16-24. What was he origin of the persecution, and in what way did it differ from all those hitherto recorded?
    Note the successive stages of it, as described in Luke’s very vivid account.
    Do you find yourself tempted or persecuted in new ways in your Christian life?
  2. A beating with rods (verse 22) was very severe.
    Yet Paul and Silas are calm and rejoicing.
    What caused them to triumph?
    Cf. Phil. 4:13; 2 Tim. 1:7, 8. Paul insists that a public declaration of their innocence is made (verse 37). What use would this be to the advance of the gospel?
    Are there any ways we can use public authority to help advance the gospel?
  3. What caused the jailer to believe?
    What was essential to his salvation?
    What change was immediately found in his life?
    Cf. 8:39; 13:52. Does your salvation give you the joy of the Lord?