Acts 16:6-15

A new period begins here, recording Paul’s greatest missionary effort and achievement: the evangelization of three important Roman provinces Macedonia, Achaia and Asia.

  1. Verses 6-10. By what various means was Paul guided at this time?
    Trace on a map how remarkable the guidance was.
    What indication is there from this that God does not always guide us in the way we might expect?
  2. Verses 11-15. The gospel comes to Europe. What evidence is there:
    (a) that Luke, the author of Acts, joined Paul at this time;
    (b) that the work began in a small way (with verses 13, cf. 13:14-16; 14:1, 2 and Zech. 4:10), and
    (c) that Lydia was truly born again of the Holy Spirit?
    Do you ever try to organize great work for God, rather than let God start a lasting work in a small way?