Acts 12:25-13;12

With the return of Barnabas and Saul to Antioch (12:25) begins the story of a great expansion of the gospel among the Gentiles.

  1. What parts were played by:
    (a) the Holy Spirit and
    (b) the local church in initiating the new advance?
    Note that the church may been prating about possible future developments of their work when guidance came through a prophet inspired of the Holy Spirit.
    What does this teach you about guidance
  2. Paul and Elymas meet in a head-on clash (verse 6-12).
    What was:
    (a) the cause of the clash,
    (b) the reason for Paul’s strong condemnation of Elymas,
    (c) one purpose of the judgement that visibly fell upon him?
    Are you as prepared as Paul to rebuke and resist direct opposition to the Lord Jesus?