Acts 11:19-30

The city of Antioch, capital of the Roman province of Syria, was one of the three largest cities of the Empire. It was famous for its commerce, are and literature, and infamous for its vice and frivolity. It was to become ‘the jumping off point’ for Paul’s missionary journeys

  1. What was the distinctive feature that from the beginning marked the preaching of the gospel at Antioch, and with what far-reaching results?
  2. What stages marked the establishment of the church there, and what part did Barnabas play?
    How can we teach and encourage young Christians?
  3. Verses 27-30. A young Gentile church helps the older church at Jerusalem.
    Note the signs of this church’s vitality, influence and Christian spirit. Cf. 2:44, 45; 4:34-37.
    Does your Christian faith find expression in practical giving like this?