Acts 9:19b -31

  1. How did Paul prove his sincerity from the very beginning of his Christian life? Cf. 1 John 3:14; Acts 26:19, 20.
  2. Comparing verse 31 with 6:7, notice how the church had extended its boundaries.
    Notice, also, the two marks of healthy spiritual life that are especially mentioned in verse 31. Are these marks, together with those seen in Paul’s life (Question 1), found in yours?
  3. Compare the Jewish opposition and the Christian fellowship that Paul experienced at Damascus    (verses 22-25) and Jerusalem (verses 26-30).
    Can becoming a Christian today still give a person new enemies and friends?

Note. The visit to Arabia of which Paul speaks in Gal.1:17 should probably be fitted in between verses 21 and 22 of the story in Acts 9.