Acts 7:44-8:4

  1. In his conclusion (7:44-53) how does Stephen teach the divine origin and yet the inadequacy of both the Tabernacle or ‘tent of witness’ and the temple or ‘house’ which Solomon built/ What charges does he bring against his accusers?
    To what positive truths indicated or implied here ought we to pay attention?
  2. Consider the likeness between Stephen and his Lord in his life, character, and in his death.
    What did this likeness come from?
    How can we follow his example?
    Cf. 2 Cor.3:18.
  3. What were the results for the church of Stephen’s witness:
    (a) in suffering (see8:1, 3 ), and
    (d) in expansion (see 8:4, 5; 11:19 , 20)?
    Notice what God can do through one man fully yielded to his service.