Acts 7:9-43

Stephen’s speech seeks to show:
(a) That God’s presence with his people is not limited to a particular place or building (verses 2, 9, 10, 30-34, 38, 44-49); and
(b) That far from overthrowing Moses, Christ is the promised prophet like Moses of whom Moses himself spoke (verse 37).

  1. God intended Joseph (verses 9-16) and Moses (verses 20-43) to deliver his people from bondage. Notice:
    (a) The places in which they lived,
    (b) The work they had to do,
    (c) The treatment they received from their brethren, and
    (d) The results they achieved.
    In what ways do they foreshadow the work of the Lord Jesus Christ?

  2. The tragedy of Israel’s spiritual blindness is described in verses 25 and 35-43.
    (a) How did it manifest itself first in thought, will and desire (verse 39) (b) And finally in action (verses 40-43)?
    (c) What was its penalty?
    Does God still deal with his people like this?