2 Kings 19:8 – 37

  1. Comparing Hezekiah’s action and words in verses 14-19 with those of the earlier crisis in verses 3, 4, what evidence do you find that Hezekiah’s faith had grown stronger?
  2. How did Sennacherib appear to merely human judgment?
    How did he appear as seen by Isaiah with the eyes of faith?
    Are we learning to look at the world situation today in relation to God?
    Cf. John 14:1. What does the whole story teach as to the difference that faith in God makes in individual and national life?


  1. Verse 29. The meaning is that only in the third year from the time at which the words were spoken would there be normal sowing and reaping. The fulfillment of the prophet’s pronouncement would attest his divinely given authority.