2 Kings 18:1- 19:7  

  1. What four points about Hezekiah’s attitude and conduct with reference to God are mentioned in 18:3, 5 and 6?
    Are these things true of us?
    How did Hezekiah’s faith manifest itself in action, and what evidence had he of God’s favour and blessing?
    See verses 4, 7 and 8.
  2. In what ways did the Assyrian field commander threaten the people of Israel?
    What were the reactions to this attack of:
    (a) the people, and
    Cf. Exod. 14:13; I Sam. 17:44, 45; Dan. 3:15-18.
    Are you able to encourage others by your faith, or are you among those that fear and need encouragement?


  1. 18:22 Hezekiah’s reforming zeal was not doubt unpopular with many. The field commander knew this, and sought to turn it to advantage for his own ends.
  2. 19:3b. A figure of speech denoting a crisis of extreme gravity.